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Best Guide On How To Find Out Which Hijab Colours Looks Best On Your Skin Colour?

“God created our skin tones with beautiful variety, but all of our souls are the same colour,” said Dave Willis, and we couldn’t agree more on this. Unfortunately, when it comes to Muslim hijabi women, a general view prevails that they cannot celebrate beauty as other women do due to limited options of attire. At Miss Abaya, one of our core beliefs is that the hijab does not conceal or tone down the charm of a hijabi’s face, but enhances the overall look if you pair the right hijab colours with your skin tone.

Let us share the compact guide of which hijab to use with diverse skin tones,and ease you from the worry of finding the right hijab colour for you. With this information, you will be able to pick your go-to hijab with every outfit you wear. So keep reading while we share the ‘science of hijabs’.

There are as many complexions as there are colours in this world, but for our understanding we have divided them into three categories i.e. light, medium and dark. It is essential to know your undertone as well whether you are at the warm side or the cold side to be able to pick the right shades of hijab. If you don’t know yet, don’t worry here is how you can check your skin undertone in various ways for the perfect hijab look.

Ways to find out your skin undertone:

Golden vs Silver:

  • If you always find yourself more prettier, while wearing golden jewellery then your skin have a warm undertone.
  • If you can’t resist wearing a silver ornament, then you have most likely a cool undertone.

What colour is your vein?

You can also check your veins to find out your undertone. Are your veins bluish or greenish? If they look more blue, you likely have cool undertones. If the veins look greenish, you’ve got warm undertones.

Now that you know what is your undertone, we will tell you which hijab will go best with your skin tone.

Hijab for Lighter Skin Tone:

Beautiful Muslimah hijabis who have fairly light skin often look good with bold and dark colours. When it comes to basic-coloured hijabs white and black both are must-haves for light skin women. Here are more colours that can make you look fabulous, and elevate your overall hijabi look.

Hijab Colour for Lighter Skin Tone

Talking about undertones, light skin people tend to have two tones i.e pink or yellow. To find out which undertone you have, read up to check our Gold vs Silver test. Silver represents pink undertones while gold denotes yellow undertones. Ladies who have a lighter skin shade with pink undertone can enjoy pastels-coloured hijab. If you have any colour missing in your collection from these options, then you can head on to our shop to buy the best hijabs that go with skin colour. Our Modal Crinkle Hijab – Black is a must basic black every hijabi’s needs in her wardrobe.

Hijab for Medium Skin Tone:

To create an alluring hijab look that perfectly complements your medium skin, pick neutral colours like ivory, beige, taupe, camel, blush, and mink with confidence. If you want to wear a white hijab, then go for ivory-hijab, because warm ivory suits your skin shade the best. For more variety, add cranberry, burnt sienna, amber, olive green, teal and indigo, aqua, bright pink, turquoise, and coral in your hijab collection, and create the best #hijabootds pictures on Instagram.

Hijab Colour for Medium Skin Tone

For more bold festive looks, you can play with bold colours like emerald, cobalt, ruby red, royal violet. Also try aqua, bright pink, turquoise and coral to bring out the warm-glowy look.

Pastels are no-go for medium skinned people as they cut down the spark of your skin, and give a washed-out look, especially in photos. Bright pink and turquoise hijab are the other two best options to try out with your abayas or modest wear.

For dusky Indian skin tones, we have cherry-picked colours like cobalt blue, emerald green, golden and grey, magenta and orange, mustard yellow, earthy green or maroon to prettify your natural skin tone and feel proud of it.

Miss Abaya is an online store for abayas and modest clothing but very soon we will be expanding our range with our own signature hijabs. Sign up to our newsletter to be informed when our collection is released.

Hijab for Dark Skin Tone:

Let’s talk about the hijab colours we have stolen from the colour wheel for our dark-skinned modest divas to add an oomph factor to their everyday looks.

If you are a dark-skinned beauty, then you are blessed with a variety of colour options you can try in our hijab ranges. From bright tones to muted shades, colour from neutral family or pastel’s pink or peaches – almost all solid colours are here for you to pick and create look.

Hijab Colour for Dark Skin Tone

Ivory, black, gold, rich brown, dark blue, cranberry, raspberry, violet, hunter green, amber, blush, rose quartz, mauve, aqua, bright pink, marigold, orchid, taupe, latte, brown, cream, and gold hues are your best colours to wear. These colours magnify your dark skin goddess look, and will surely create fabulous looks. Feel more confident with your skin wearing these colours. Light pink, light brown, and mint green will be the colours when you are feeling bold and confident in your dark skin and highlight your skin shade.

Please don’t spend your money to buy shades like camel and mauve, because they literally mix up with your skin undertone and looks dull in daylight as well. Instead of that, try buying this Maroon Viscose-Jersey Hijab with Pearls from our store if you want to invest in a piece that will go with maximum clothes without making you look dull and unexciting.

Maroon Viscose-Jersey Hijab with Pearls

Now that we have empowered you with the right information to pick the best hijab colour according to your skin colour and undertone, you will never worry about which hijab to wear with different coloured abayas and modest attire. Always invest in high-quality pieces and right shades so that you look and feel extraordinary and inclusive in the beauty world.

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